09 November 2013

Day dreaming

Tgahari tadi usai ak solat Zohor ak tlelap kjap gara2 sakit kepala sangat *punca skit kepala maybe x cukup tido n tak makan dari semlm smpai kul 1 ptg.

Ape y ak nk stori kt sini y ak tlh bmimpi bjumpa ngn sorg fortune teller n she asking for drop of my blood to predict wat will happen in my future

Im easily giving my blood to her n she begin d ritual. At d end of result she suddenly surprise. Guess wat she know there is some disease slowly spreading in my body then she begin to ask me some ridiculous question. At dat time Im just sit in silence mood wihout a single word and each of people who around me start to make some distance from me.

How sad it is

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